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Contact us

Your browser doesn't support HTML5 canvas. Please see the list of supported browsers

Got a problem with a game? Understand that HTML5 is a new and changing standard, and not all browsers have the same level of support. If a game is not working for you, please try another browser.

Legal information on games can be found here. Games belong to their respective owners and cannot be distributed without permission.

Still got a problem? Got a comment, complaint, question or compliment? Email us at support@html5haven.com.

Do you make HTML5 games? We are always looking for more games to add to our collection, so email us at support@html5haven.com if you have a game you'd like to submit for consideration.
Please note:
-This site is run for-loss. We cannot pay you for your game.
-We do not link to games or use iFrames. All games are hosted on site (for consistency and to reduce reliance on external servers), therefore please attach a compressed folder (eg ZIP) of any game files required to upload to our servers
-Engines used for generating HTML5 files are preferred. Especially GameMaker: Studio, one of the more expensive development engines, but it is by far the easiest to embed in a page. Other methods are accepted if possible, but they must use the HTML5 CANVAS element for displaying the game.
-Please also provide the name of the author and a site to link to. We like to give credit where credit is due.
-A game description also helps

Do you want to advertise on our site?
We have some in game advertising for sale, please contact us via email at support@html5haven.com.